• Design by Everest Renolds
  • Construction drawings by NLC
  • Concrete floors with colour-etched finish and hot water radiant heat
  • Worked with clients to create their dream house in an economical way

Client Quote:

“The quality of the construction and the many refinements Nick provided to the design are more and more obvious as time goes on.

“I will mention two things in specific….

  1. Realizing that the post our architect had specified for the centre of our livingroom/kitchen could be removed from our plan by simply using a heavier truss has changed the nature of that space, keeping it open and without the disruption to the sightlines….
  2. When I suggested that we go with lighter (and only slightly less expensive) posts for our porches, Nick spoke strongly about the visual need for substantial posts, and how we would appreciate them later. Nick was absolutely correct.

“I could find many other examples of how Nick made our home and home-building experience a pleasure, but I would have to write a book to do it justice.”

(Full letter available upon request.)