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Top of the Valley House
Southey Bay House
Mountain Top House
Cat's Nest
Long Harbour Cottage
South End Retreat
St. Mary's Bungalow
Straw Bale House
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Welbury Bay House
Peninsula House
Japanese Country
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Client Quote:
"I would happily recommend Nick Langford Construction Ltd. for any project where high quality workmanship, thoughtful analysis of design and building details, open respectful communication and cost effective construction are important."
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  • Construction by Nick Langford Construction
  • Design & Drawings by Greg Watson

  • Exterior renovation of farm house
  • New roof, insulation, framing, sheathing, windows, doors, siding, interior and exterior trim, decks, footings, gutters
  • Added earthquake protection
  • Most of the cedar used was 2nd growth from a family farm or industrial salvage
  • Many outbuildings built or rebuilt